Traffic jams in Rodbourne are a constant source of pain for the residents.

Congestion often builds around the Swindon Designer Outlet and Steam Museum, not only in December but throughout the year.

Neighbours say they are trapped in their own streets, with some even selling and moving out.

However, Councillor Maureen Penny insists there are plans in place to look at the issue.

Here’s what you said on Facebook:

Mark Weaving: “A lot of this traffic build-up started when they changed the roundabout layout to a large one instead of four small ones.”

Stacy Smith: “The traffic in this town is vile everywhere.”

Simon Batchelor: “I’m not surprised they’re not happy.

“It’s a nightmare at times. I just can’t see a way to fix it. You can’t move the outlet.

“I guess you could make Rodbourne Road access only or one way, but there are loads of businesses down there that would suffer. Plus some idiot let an Aldi be built there.

“Any chance of a waiting layby outside the outlet too? People park on double yellows and it can stop through traffic.”

Joe Gregorace: “Wait until they build these 360 houses, it’s going to be chaos.”

Andy Millin: “And if Snoasis even gets started, it’ll get 10 times worse judging by traffic around the Milton Keynes snow dome.”

Jennie Fellowes: “We moved out of Rodbourne three years ago, as it was a nightmare then.

“I lived on Hughes Street and it would take me 20 minutes just to get across the Bruce Street bridges, it was stupid.

“Where people would be queuing in front of our house to try and short cut to get onto Rodbourn Road, we couldn’t have the windows open because of the smell of exhaust fumes coming in directly, as well as the sound of car stereos.

“If you walked up to the shops you had to hold your breath because of the fumes too. It was horrible.”

Helen Osborne: “I don’t know why they didn’t put a keep clear box in front of Barnum Close when they changed the lane.”

Su Taylor-Mills: “Open up the bus gates.”

Darren Kevern: “Swindon’s road design is a disgrace and it’s not just Rodbourne.”

Mat Read: “The whole thing just needs to be a one way system.

“That would allow two lanes of traffic and means that the parking and bus stops wouldn’t be an issue.”

Daniel Adams: “I’m not sure what the answer is. But the crux of the issue seems to be cars not being able to access the car park quickly enough.

“One issue seems to be that cars have to turn right into the car park which requires crossing a lane of traffic which obviously requires a driver to let you.

“One thing to bare in mind as well is that a new park and ride will be built at junction 16.

“Admittedly this isn’t going to help in the short term but hopefully it will go a long way to helping long term.”

Karl Oakley: “A second entrance to the car park might help.

“The car park in the middle of the suggest one way system is accessed via a single lane and is essentially two car parks.

“If the one on the right was accessed via an entrance to the right, you wouldn’t have two directions of traffic bottlenecking and causing tailbacks.”

Allan Bott: "Bruce Street bridges is a farce, needs levelling and starting again. I feel for the residents.

"A good idea would be to widen the bridge on Wootton Bassett Road too."

Shaun Laycock: "Remove the stupid barrier controls for getting into the Outlet carpark."