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Cost of treatment

While Conservative politicians continue to deny the creeping privatisation of the NHS, growing evidence in Swindon would suggest otherwise.

A latest example has just cost me £80 to have two ears – severely blocked with excess wax following chemotherapy treatment – syringed by a private operator based at Moredon Health Centre.

This is a procedure previously offered free on the NHS but alas apparently no longer available in our town!

Derek Cash, East Wichel

No free lunch

Billionaire John Cauldwell’s recent interview with John McDonnell, in which he stated “every wealthy person, including me, is thinking of leaving the UK if Labour win the election” should be a wake-up call for this country.

I am still young and was not alive in the Wilson era of Labour government, but I have heard first-hand testament from many who remember it well.

Even after 50 years, they still shudder when recalling the fallout from the disastrous policies of that time.

If top taxpayers are going to be driven from the UK, then it will be those of us in the working class who will need to foot Labour’s eye-watering spending plans.

I would urge all voters, and especially the younger generations, to consider the old adage “there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”.

Jerry Whiteside, Churchfield

False promises

Over the course of the last few weeks both Google and YouTube have removed Tory party advertisements for being misleading or untruthful.

Two further lies relating to the EU appear on the cover the Tory manifesto and have central stage in the current election campaign, specifically ‘Get Brexit Done’ and ‘Unleash Britain’s Potential’.

The first wrongly implies that passing the Withdrawal Act will be the end of the Brexit process, when in fact it will just be the start, as our future relationship with the EU will still need to be negotiated as will some 760 trade and other agreements with nations all around the world. The second falsely implies that the EU has been holding this country back, when in fact the EU and the Single Market are what unleashed our country’s potential after we went bust in the mid-1970s.

For me, today is not about policies – it is about the type of people we want to govern us, and the way we want our political system to work. I do not wish our government to be made up of individuals who have demonstrated utter contempt for the electorate with their lies and illegal actions.

I will therefore be voting for the person who I believe has the best chance of beating the incumbent Tory, Robert Buckland, in my constituency of Swindon South - the Labour candidate, Sarah Church. I will do this despite the fact that I abhor socialism.

Dr Adam Poole, Savill Crescent, Wroughton

Help with reading

ALMOST a third of primary school leavers in Swindon didn’t reach the expected standard of reading last year. It is simply unacceptable for children’s life chances to be limited because of poor literacy. All children should have every opportunity to read well, to help them access learning at school and at home, to widen their vocabulary and understanding. Beyond this, we want children to discover a love of reading!

You can help change this and give the gift of reading by becoming a Coram Beanstalk reading helper in the local community. Please visit or call 020 7729 4087 to find out more.

Ginny Lunn MD, Coram Beanstalk

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