Party tellers have been allowed to stand inside polling station buildings because of heavy rain in Swindon

Under normal conditions they stand outside, but a worried voter contacted the Adver to say: "There are a lot of reports that the Conservative Party Tellers at John Moulton Hall in Penhill are inside of the polling station, clearly displaying Conservative Party Rosettes, and taking people's polling cards from them.

"It was my understanding that tellers are to remain outside of the building, and to not be displaying their rosettes and interacting with people before their vote.

"Given the previous electoral issues in Highworth under the current returning officer, is this now forming a pattern of disregard for the democratic process and electoral law?”

The Adver approached the borough council, which confirmed that the tellers, who collect voting numbers and other kinformation,  had permission.

A spokesman explained: "The presiding officers may allow tellers into the polling place, and a decision has been made today to allow them to

"Tellers are perfectly entitled to wear rosettes, and given the weather, a decision has been made, in agreement with election agents, to permit tellers to stand out of the rain as long as they are not in the polling station itself."