JUSTIN Tomlinson spoke to the Adver after being re-elected as MP with almost double the votes of his closest opposition, Labour's Kate Linnegar.

He said: "You're always nervous. I came home after standing at a polling station for a whole day. The exit poll was beyond what we were hoping for.

"We won every single ward in north Swindon. Tonight, I've secured the biggest-ever majority, the largest share of the vote and the most votes in the history of any of the Swindon seats.

"I'm incredibly proud because this is my town, I share and understand the issues and I've always made sure, as we saw with the Change.org poll last week that put me as the second-most-helpful MP, that as much as I love Westminster, my priority is always Swindon.

"Locally, I've always run a positive campaign talking about what I've done and what I want to do, I never talk about my opponents. I believe you're either good enough to represent a town or you don't deserve to.

"If we all did that, we could restore some trust into politics. Nationally, the country was sick and tired of politicians arguing and not breaking that deadlock. They wanted to see it done and see politics unite to get Brexit done so we can start talking about funding the NHS and schools, more police officers and a strong economy delivering new jobs.

"In Swindon, there's been 11,000 new jobs since 2010 and that's vital. Post-Honda, we need to keep attracting businesses to relocate, invest and grow to give us that next generation of jobs.

"The people of Swindon thought we were best placed to do that because we encourage businesses to thrive."