The first draw for the Swindon Community Lottery will take place tomorrow.

Swindon Borough Council is one of the first local authorities in the country to launch its own online lottery to support local good causes.

Since its launch in September, 68 causes have signed up and 967 tickets sold.

This is enough to contribute over £30,000 a year to good causes in the town.

Tickets cost £1 with 60p going towards charities and community groups.

This compared to just 28p from in £1 played in the National Lottery.

The rest of the money goes towards the prize money, management costs, and VAT.

Winners will be told via email and winnings transferred automatically to their bank account.

Players are able to set up a monthly payment in advance with the option to do a three, six or 12-month subscription by direct debit or card.

The second draw takes place on December 21, and weekly after that.

The jackpot each week is £25,000 for a matching sequence of six numbers.

Other prizes will be £2,000, £250, £25 or three free tickets for the next draw.

To take part, log on to