DEFEATED Labour candidate Sarah Church called for a change of tack from those leading her party.

The runner-up in the South Swindon race told supporters they had run a positive campaign. 

“At the local level there is nothing more we could have done,” said British Army veteran Mrs Church, 40.

She later told the Adver: “If we want to make a change we need to get elected. If something isn’t working we need to change what we’re doing. 

“I’m not going to blame Jeremy Corbyn, because I think a lot of people will do that tonight.”

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But Mrs Church said scare stories about the Labour leader had had an impact on voters. 

She added: “What people felt was that we were offering too much at once. We need a few solid, deliverable policies that really hit at the heart of what people want to see.”

In her speech after the count was declared, the Labour politician told supporters: “I was praised for my honesty and integrity in this campaign and I will continue to have that honesty and integrity in everything I do. 

“Good people will always come together regardless of their political colours and they will always come together to make change. I will continue to be one of those good people.”

Shortly after the exit polls predicted sweeping Tory victory on Thursday night Swindon Labour chief Jim Grant said he feared he had got “very wet in vain” trying to drum up final support outside the polling stations.