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Fairness and decency

Did I detect a slight hint of bias in Doc Poole’s bitter diatribe -Lack of decency (SA, December 18)

Does he not accept that for the last nearly 70 years, the modern system of ‘first past the post’ has worked decently well?

The Socialist fence sitting leader had repeatedly called for a General Election until he came face to face with it, he then dithered and delayed.

Fortunately, a decent Jo Swinson, aided & abetted by the SNP, decently came to his ‘aid’ to prevent further prevarication and the election was run.

Unfortunately Jo Swinson lost her seat to the SNP and with it her job.

Result, the electorate were decent enough to give the Conservative party a resounding victory.

Long held Labour seats fell the Tories as the Labour voters, fed up with their Communist - oops, Freudian slip - Socialist leader, gave him the thumbs down.

This ensures a decent government and a certain decent Mr Johnson now enjoys continued possession of the keys to No 10, allowing him to save the Nation, the NHS and bring Brexit to a successful conclusion. Now what’s wrong with that?

The moral of this is that fairness and decency in our politics has prevailed.

Henry Smith, Whitefield Crescent, Swindon

Please do what’s best

An open letter to MPs. Now that the country has decided, no matter what your political persuasion, please may we ask that you now do what is best for the country and not yourselves.

With grateful thanks

Jacqui Jackson, Hare Close

Young people betrayed

The young generation in Britain have never had it so bad. House prices today have risen far beyond the reach of most young people.

Britain is short of four million houses. The laws of supply and demand have taken their effect on the housing market.

Rents have gone up to follow the rising house prices. While wages have failed to keep pace with rising rents.

The alternative of renting from the council is no longer an option because the Tories have sold of most off the council houses under the Right to Buy Scheme.

The young generation in Britain have been betrayed. House prices are far too high. The young cant afford to rent or buy. They have never had it so bad.

Steve Halden, Beaufort Green

Check festive treats

With Christmas celebrations now in full swing, I’m sure that many of your readers are rightly allowing themselves a few extra treats and indulgences over the festive period, and many will also be treating their pets to a few extra goodies during this time too. And, while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with treating yourself, I’d like to remind pet owners of the health implications that overfeeding can cause and to remember that some human food can cause digestive upset, or even be a serious danger to dogs.

The kind of goodies you treat your pets to at Christmas is an important consideration. Small amounts of boneless meat and veggies from your Christmas dinner, such as broccoli, carrots and potatoes, are unlikely to cause harm, but some human foods are not safe.

Chocolate, mince pies, onions, garlic and other bulb vegetables are an absolute no-no, while salty, fatty foods like turkey skin, gravy and pigs in blankets can cause stomach upset.

Enjoy your celebrations,just be careful with what and how much you feed your pooches.

John Burns BVMS, MRCVS, Veterinary Surgeon

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