CONCERNED Adver reader Haydn Newman fears the loss of bin at a bus stop could see an increase in litter.

The bin on Westfield Way has been removed by Haydon Wick Parish Council.

But Haydn, who is backing the Adver's Let’s Make Litter History campaign, doesn’t understand why.

The Haydon Wick resident said: “It’s been missing for a week at least.

“It was a very well-used bin and now all we can look forward to is more litter.

“I visited the parish council offices to report this issue and I was told that due to a cost-cutting exercise, various locations around Haydon Wick have had their bins removed.

“I think the Adver campaign is great but with decisions like this it will never happen.”

Despite Haydn being told that this was a cost-cutting exercise, Coun Vinay Manro, vice-chairman at the Haydon Wick Parish Council has said that cost-saving was low on the list of priorities.

He said: “Around Haydon Wick we probably have 200-plus bins.

"Some of those could be too close to each other and others too far. We’re rationalising what’s out there.

“In particular dog bins. The law changed a while back which means dog waste is no longer classed as hazardous, which means it can be put into normal bins.”

Despite this bin being removed, Coun Manro pointed out that there is another bin down the hill but conceded that if there was a response to tits removal – either by complaints or an increase in littering – it could be reinstated.

The Adver’s campaign aims to fight back against the sorry sight of litter that plagues so much of our town.

We’re calling on loyal readers to join or set up litter picks around Swindon and commit to always putting their rubbish into a bin.

With your help, we can clean up the town and help make it a more attractive place to live and visit.

Whether an individual, family, scout group or church, if you want to join us in sprucing up Swindon then get in touch by emailing with Let’s Make Litter History in the subject line.

The first challenge is identifying the worst areas.

The second will be attempting to organise litter picks targeting those areas.