A TREE group that planted 1,000 trees without proper permission in Pinehurst has been sent back to the drawing board.

Hreod Burna Urban Forest – led by chairman Steve Thompson – planted them on land between Cricklade Road and Pinehurst Road in December.

But full permission had not been granted by the parish council.

All planting was stopped and the group was asked to submit a tree plan at the parish’s leisure and amenities committee meeting.

But it did not go down well.

Committee chairman Cllr Mick Lucas said: “I can’t really call it a diagram and layout of what they intend to plant.

“It’s nothing like the situation that I wanted or requested so I would advise Steve and the rest of HBUF to go back to the drawing board.”

Previously Steve said he didn’t anticipate any further delays to the tree planting once the council had seen the plan.

But HBUF has now been asked to consult estates manager Andrew Briggs and parish clerk Andy Reeves to create a detailed map of the layout of the trees it wishes to plant.

There are several public access rights and a gas main in the area, which the chairman said any trees should be 10 metres from.

“I would ask you again,” said Cllr Lucas. “To do a proper plan of the location with subsequent pathways and clear areas please.”

Mr Thompson said: “I was surprised that the plan I submitted was rejected.

"I gave the plan to the clerk on Monday so he had time to get back to me if he didn’t like it.”

This follows one of HBUF’s trustees Josie Lewis calling for the trees to be pulled up as the land is public open space for use as a sports ground or playing field.

Central Swindon North Parish Council leases the land from Swindon Borough Council and HBUF subleases it, running it on the parish council’s behalf. As a result, the borough council must give its permission before any trees are planted.

The parish council agreed to arrange a site meeting for members, residents and HBUF to reach an agreement as to the future of the newly-planted trees.

Mr Lucas added: “As a parish council we want it done so that it includes everybody and it works for everybody. We don’t just want a complete forest area.”

Mrs Lewis, who was there with other concerned members of the public said: “Chair Mr Lucas was very fair in considering our views and concerns and we look forward to meeting with the parish in the near future.

“I would like the field to be reinstated and all the trees replanted elsewhere in more suitable locations.”