A KIND-HEARTED Calne woman is hoping her second season of lending youngsters posh frocks for their school proms will be a success - and she has expanded this year to include suits and smart shoes to her range.

Kiara Lane, of Lansdowne Close, aims to help everyone look their best on the big day.

The 27-year-old mother-of-two began collecting a stock of dresses, suits and shoes because she believes everyone should be able to turn up to their school prom looking their best, happy, confident and ready to enjoy the evening, even if they or their families can't afford it.

She said: "I take a £20 deposit. They get their deposit back as long as the dress or suit is dry-cleaned before they return it.

"I don't make any money from this myself. I believe everyone should have an opportunity to look their best on prom night.

"Girls may get picked on by others if they don't have a nice dress, which is really horrible for them.

"I was lucky enough to win my own prom dress 10 years ago in a competition. The dress was worth around £500 and was really nice, but I knew we would not have been able to afford that.

"Some of the dresses I have are really nice as well. Some are worth around £400.

"I only have a limited stock, which can be frustrating because girls are finding what they want online but I cannot match it."

Ms Lane has been given prom frocks and suits from people all around Wiltshire who give their old dresses and suits to her. She has around 100 dresses in stock, and about 40 suits. She also has girl's accessories like shoes, bags and purses.

The nursery worker has contacted local schools, such as Kingsbury Green and Abbeyfield, and plans to visit their prom fairs to advertise her service.

If anyone is interested in a dress from Ms Lane, or wants to give her more stock, message Fairy Godmother Gowns - Calne at facebook.com/fairygodmothergowns/