A RESIDENTIAL street in Royal Wootton Bassett is becoming dangerous because of the number of staff from a nearby travel firm using it for parking, say people who live there.

Wendy and Les Cox, who live in Squires Hill Close told the Adver they had seen several near misses because of cars left in the street by Imagine Cruising employees based in Binknoll Lane.

And they said they had struggled to park on their own street for almost two years.

Wendy, 74, said: “Initially it was only about four or five cars but as soon as they started parking here then more and more came along.

“It’s just becoming very dangerous, we have seen a few near misses where drivers can’t see where they’re going. It has just gone beyond a joke now.”

The couple have gone to the company itself to try to figure out what can be done.

“We’ve spoken to HR and they told us there’s not much that can be done because they’re not breaking any laws,” Wendy said.

“I’m not happy about it at all, we have lived here for 37 years and we have never had problems like this before, it’s very dangerous.”

She said they were told a shuttle bus service was put in place but the staff decided not to use it. Instead they have seen up to 30 cars parking in the area each day.

This has resulted in problems for them accessing their drive and for neighbours struggling to find a spot close to their homes.

But Wendy is most concerned about the possibility of an accident.

“Some people will drive around slowly but others coming round the corner can sometimes go very quickly and they can’t even see,” she said.

A spokeswoman for Imagine Cruising said: “We are fully aware of the parking challenges in our area, and understand the concerns. Whilst we don’t have a complete solution, in addition to the spaces allocated to us when we moved to The Portland House site in 2015, we have since rented further spaces from Dolby with whom we share the building.

“We have also rented temporary spaces in a vacant unit within the wider business park. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and continue to work hard to find further solutions.

"We have reminded our staff to be mindful and considerate of the local residents when parking offsite.”