A NEW appeal to provide better care for new mums and their babies has been launched at the Great Western Hospital.

More than 4,000 babies were born at the hospital last year and the trust’s maternity team expects that number to rise this year, so Brighter Futures have launched the Better Births Appeal.

The £80,000 target will pay for special equipment to help mums and newborns during the labour, delivery and post-natal period.

Laura Bailey gave birth to son Reggie in Hazel Ward last week. She said: “We have had amazing care. The staff have been fantastic and we felt really involved and included in the whole birth.

“The midwives all introduced themselves and talked through everything so we constantly felt updated. It was a really personal experience and made it so much better. We felt constantly reassured.

“The Better Births Appeal will make a lot of difference to families. A homelier environment means they will be more relaxed, and it also is good for preparing to take your baby home too.”

The shopping list includes 18 movable cots that will help mothers to get closer to their babies after a caesarean section, an adjustable bed that will allow mothers to give birth in different positions, and four wireless foetal monitors that will monitor mothers in labour wherever they are in the hospital.

Midwifery matron Kathryn Owen said: “We are so excited to be working with Brighter Futures on this appeal, and know that these pieces of equipment will really improve the care that we can provide and the experience for women who give birth at the hospital.

“The cots will mean that all mothers will find it more comfortable and will be able to keep their babies close to them at all times, as the cots can pivot and be moved right across the mothers bed.

“Similarly, the new bed we are hoping to purchase will allow mothers to adopt a variety of positions which enables a more personalised labour and birth.

“Sometimes, we recommend that a monitor is attached to mothers in labour to record their baby’s heartbeat. These monitors can be quite restrictive, as they have lots of wires and often keep mothers in their beds.

“We would like to support mothers to be more mobile during labour and these new monitors will mean mums can move around without being restricted by the wires on the majority of our current monitors. They even enable monitoring in the birthing pool.

“We have lots of ideas to raise the necessary funds for this campaign and really do hope that the people of Swindon will get behind us to support it.”

Visit brighterfuturesgwh.nhs.uk/fundraising/better-births-projects