For National Pothole Day, we asked Advertiser Readers where in Swindon are the worst potholes.

Here’s what you said on Facebook:

Dave Morton: “At the bottom of Drakes Way and Queens Drive roundabout, two massive potholes.

“Can easily damage a vehicle.”

June Young: “Summers Street is disintegrating at a great rate of knots.

“We get delivery lorries for the corner shop in Morrison Street, plus ambulances and the refuge collecting.

“But I don’t think there is a road or street anywhere that hasn’t got potholes and they are getting worse.”

Tammi Cleverly: “Whitworth Road is really bad, especially down the Pinehurst end.

“Notified Swindon Borough Council twice but it appears nothing’s been done.

“The whole town is in a shocking mess on the roads. I’m fed up with having to risk having a head on with on-coming vehicles just to avoid damaging my car.”

Mark Hetherington: “They should melt down the speed bumps and use it to fill the potholes.”

Joe Gregorace: “Walcot is very bad, council just bodged it up. And the roundabout near Burger King nearly took my wheel off.”

Derek Rutland: “All over Swindon, most main roads are in a mess and the repairs are done that bad, they are broken out in days.

“Waist of time fixing them.”

Karen Curtin: “The roundabout from Drakes Way going into Queens Drive. There is a horrendous hole that is also about 2ft across.

“Very dangerous and also very bad for your car if you hit it.”

Rachel Bari: “Double roundabout near Moonrakers has a bad one.

“Ripped the tyre badly and had to get the AA out as had a flat. Not always able to avoid all the potholes.”

Paul Farwell: “Whitbourne Avenue getting bad now, as is Drakes Way roundabout and Queens Drive between Frobisher Drive and New College.”

Clive Alexander: “There is a bad one by the hospital entrance coming from the direction of Marlborough, right by traffic lights at the hospital.”

Emily Roberts: “The Fairway Road leading to Broome Manor golf club and Busy Bees nursery has some terrible ones.

“Hard to navigate with the poor lighting there. Also, a recurring one along the bus route on Upham Road and Drove Road.”

Deniese Cole: “Council should be rectifying it as we all pay our council tax so why is it not being done?

“Same as all the rubbish on the streets. It’s disgusting.

“We don’t get road sweepers anymore, or the ones that clean the drains out.”

Helen Lawson: “The whole of Swindon has got potholes, you can’t drive anywhere without hitting one.”

Rosie Killeen: “Don’t get me started, or we can talk about the lack of line painting too.”

Jennifer Cherry: “Cheney Manor, it’s like a roller coaster driving through there.”

Gavin Fowler: “I think the real question is where do we think the best roads without potholes are.

“Be easier to name as there isn’t as many.”

Ashley Blackler: “All the roads throughout and around Swindon are shocking.”

Nathan Bryant: “Can anyone name a street in Swindon that doesn’t have a pothole?”

Leanne Judd: “Whitworth Road is a nightmare.”

Anthony Martin: "England is one giant pothole.

"There's more potholes than people."