RUNNING one successful business wasn’t enough for the owner of an art gallery – so now she’s running two.

Emma Amini opened Mams Gallery on Eastcott Hill a little over a year ago.

It was a place for her to teach art classes and introduce more culture to Swindon.

But three months ago she decided to launch Wiltshire’s first CBD cafe with business partner Chris Dale.

Using an oil found in cannabis as a USP sparked plenty of intrigue in the town and helped Total Health Cafe make a flying start.

Emma told the Adver: “It has been really well received. We only did a small opening because we didn’t want to do something grand and run into difficulties and we wanted to see what the people in Swindon wanted rather than what we wanted.

"People love it they find the products really helpful.

“I expected a few people to be attracted to the café at first but it has actually been hugely successful.”

The ingredients used in the products sold at Total Health Cafe do not include the THC chemical, which is illegal in the UK.

And research into CBD suggests the oil can help people with anxiety, depression and pain.

“I actually expected to see some losses in my art classes because I thought the CBD idea might put people off but it’s done the opposite,” Emma said.

“We get quite a few people who are curious about it all and I think they feel a bit naughty about coming in. They don’t know whether they should be having CBD. After I explain what it is they end up feeling relaxed about it all. It’s very safe and they’re not going to leave high as a kite.

“Most people in Swindon seem to be well informed and accepting of it because they listen to the science of it.

"We get a very broad spectrum of people coming in here, which keeps my music playlists very diverse.”

Some people visit the cafe for help.

Emma met a customer with cerebral palsy – a permanent movement disorder which causes stiff muscles, speaking and swallowing difficulties.

She said: “For some it’s like a last resort and it’s good to see if it has a little bit of benefit for them because they’ve already tried everything they can.

“A woman came in and she has cerebral palsy and she was with her son who has autism. He goes to the art classes and he finds them really helpful with his condition.

“But she had come here to find something to help her with her condition. And after trying some CBD products she felt she had really relaxed for the first time, which was amazing to see.”

Now that the business is running smoothly, Emma and Chris have launched a new website to inform visitors more about the products.

Chris said: “We have been surprised by the response from people in Swindon.

"We’re really excited to be going as smoothly as it is. Everyone has been lovely and kind, we’ve been encouraged by their support to carry on.

“I don’t think there’s a better job out there, we get to sit down with people and getting to know them and help them. Now we have just launched our website, where we will be sharing the knowledge to the people.”

Despite only being open since November the pair are working on introducing new products and workshops.

They have started serving plant-based foods.

Emma said: “I’m really happy with how everything is going, especially as we turned our edibles into vegan products and gluten-free. We thought it would nicely link in with Veganuary. It’s another thing we can offer to people, it’s a little different and more inclusive.

“It’s really rewarding, especially with our adaptogens (non toxic-based plants) being available.

"Customers who come in are just looking for a place to go they can feel safe and comfortable and welcomed, which we have been able to offer.”

What are CBD oil and adaptagens?

THERE is plenty of confusion surrounding CBD and adaptogens are.

CBD or Cannabidiol is made from the stalk, stems, leaves of the hemp plant without the THC.

Despite scepticism, these products won’t ‘get you high’.

But it’s believed that they can have health benefits.

The World Health Organisation claims it may offer relief from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, pain and anxiety.

Total Health Cafe will be selling CBD in vapes, oils, capsules and food.

Adaptagen herbs and roots have been used for centuries, particularly in Chinese traditions.

Some are typically eaten but most are brewed in a tea to drink.

The cafe stocks 25 different adaptagens to help tackle stress, tiredness and anxiety.

Rhodiola Rosea is quite popular and it helps fight low mood.

Co-owner Chris Dale explained: “Adaptogens are non-toxic plants that are marketed as helping the body resist stressors of many kinds, whether physical, chemical or biological.”

Men's mental health is a focus

TOTAL Health Cafe's success means more workshops and classes are opening up.

Co-owner Emma Amini is keen to link the new business to her other one, Mams Gallery, on Eastcott Hill.

Yoga and meditation classes for men will be starting soon.

Emma said: “We are in the process of starting a yoga class and meditation for men because of the issues around men’s suicide rates.”

These will be running on Thursday and Sunday evenings.

“We’re running life drawing for beginners, a dream workshop and wellbeing classes so we have a lot going on," added Emma.

“The dream workshop will discuss people’s dreams and ask one another to see what they come up with – to see why they might have had that dream and to have a bit of reflection.”

These events are to help with relaxation and could be helpful to people who live with anxiety and depression.

Mams Gallery puts on various art classes across the week, including life drawing, painting, teen comic and creative writing

Find out more at or email Emma at