A NURSERY put on a special dress-up day for its little tots.

Windmill Hill Day Nursery at Whitehill Way let its toddlers and staff wear clothes and accessories from the decade their parents were born in.

Decade Day saw them dress up in tie dye T-shirts, hair scrunchies and leg warmers as part of of celebrating the new decade.

Nursery charity representative Emily Riordan said: “We had a brilliant time marking the start of the new decade with the children, and everyone made such a fantastic effort with their outfits. We are delighted to begin our year of fundraising for Cancer Research UK with this event, after raising a total of £4,640.45 for mental health charity Mind in 2019.”

On the day the children had fun taking part in themed activities. Their families even got to buy retro sweets with all the money raised going to Cancer Research UK.

In the past it has helped raise £3 million for charity including the Alzheimer’s Society and Children’s Air Ambulance in the last three decades.