SWINDON Town Community Foundation's new pitch is to be twinned with the Peace Field in Flanders.

On Wednesday, Paul Cooper and Ernie Brennan of the National Children’s Football Alliance will visit Foundation Park – in the shadow of the County Ground – to sign the Peace Field Project’s Declaration of Peace.

This event will make the official twinning of the complex with the Peace Field in Belgium. This is located on the site of the Christmas truce of 1914, where a game of football was said to be played during the First World War.

The ceremony will consist of the signing of the declaration, an address by club chaplain Simon Stevenette, followed by a match played by students on the Foundation’s Commonweal sixth-form programme against a development team from Aston Villa.

Phil Doble, senior development officer of Community Foundation, said: “The pitch twinning is a fantastic opportunity as Swindon Town FC Community Foundation share similar aims to the National Children’s Football Alliance.

“We both want to encourage more young people actively playing football and we both use football to engage young people in education.”

As part of the twinning Foundation head Jon Holloway will take part in the This Country vs That Country charity match in March.

The game will have each half played in a different country. The first half will take place in London and the second on the Peace Field.

It will feature celebrity guests including actors Daisy-May Cooper and Charlie Cooper from BBC’s This Country, who are both ambassadors for the National Children’s Football Alliance and play Town fans in the comedy.