A MUM who stabbed a kitchen knife into her estranged husband’s Ford Transit has been jailed.

Lisa Rudman launched the drunken attack in a bid to stop the man taking away the couple’s two children.

The altercation was all captured on tape as 34-year-old Rudman had called 999 to ask police to throw her ex out of her Old Town home.

Swindon Crown Court heard 34-year-old Rudman’s husband, Edward, had gone to the family home in Bacon Close, Old Town, on October 4, 2018, to find the couple’s two children outside.

Mum Lisa had locked herself in the bathroom and was on the phone to police when Mr Rudman let himself into the house.

In the 999 call, which was played to the court, Rudman told the call handler she wanted her husband out the house: “He’s just threatening me and shouting at me.”

She could be heard screaming at her partner, telling him to get out. The phone was apparently dropped or thrown before Mr Rudman picked it up. He told the call handler: “She’s just out her head. She’s effing and blinding at everyone. She’s just locked the kids out the house.”

The 999 call recorded the moment Rudman followed her husband outside to his van in which he had placed the two boys. As he was reversing out the drive Rudman was said to have opened the passenger side door and lent across the children before stabbing a kitchen knife into the dashboard.

Mr Rudman could be heard telling the police call handler: “She’s got a knife. She’s going ballistic.”

Lisa Rudman, of Bacon Close, pleaded guilty in December to making threats with a knife – an offence that carries a mandatory minimum sentence of six months.

David Maunder, defending, said his client had been working with women’s charity the Nelson Trust and hoped to spend more time with her children.

The offences had taken place against a background of domestic abuse. The couple’s relationship was described as highly toxic, with a number of police call-outs to their home.

Jailing her for nine months at Swindon Crown Court this week, Judge Peter Crabtree accepted Rudman’s offence was not the sort of crime MPs had in mind when they passed the minimum sentence laws.

But he added: “Nonetheless, you went outside with a knife, plainly agitated, certainly inebriated and used it to threaten your ex-partner in a manner where there was an immediate risk of serious harm when your partner was in the vicinity.”