THE VICTIM of a pregnant racist and her partner told TV cameras she was fighting for her life.

Olawumi Ibitoye was attacked by Hazel Richardson outside McColl's, Penhill Drive, on Christmas Eve 2016.

The shocking assault was captured on CCTV and Richardson’s arrest was caught by Channel 4 cameras. The incident featured in this week’s episode of 999 What’s Your Emergency.

Remembering the attack, Ms Ibitoye said: “I wouldn't expect that sort of violence from a woman. I was fighting for my life, but more importantly, I was worried sick for the children.

“I could hear the kids crying and I was praying for one thing: don't come out of the car to save me.”

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Ms Ibitoye Picture: CHANNEL 4

She explained how the incident came about: “In the car with me was my three children. I'd gone to the church.

“I was coming from the main road, they were coming out of the side road.

“The lady stuck her finger up at me and when I went to the cash point, she then came out, came in my face and started shouting and screaming abuse. They were talking very racially.”

She said Richardson’s partner, James Zalavolgyi-Carr, had made deeply offensive gestures at the car and shouted at her children.

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Richardson was arrested on the day she gave birth Picture: CHANNEL 4

“The lady was kicking and punching me. I was in the corner, so I held her two hands and I said, ‘I'm not going to touch you, because you are heavily pregnant.’

Viewers saw the moment constables arrested the two suspects. Heavily-pregnant Richardson said she was on her way to the hospital. She gave birth later that day.

Interviewed by police, both denied the allegations but admitted racially aggravated assault when they were put before Swindon magistrates in mid-2017. Zalavolgyi-Carr was given a suspended prison term while Richardson was handed a community order.

PC Tom Gregory told the programme makers: “I certainly feel a real sadness for that child growing up in that environment. So often we see parents like that and then 15 or 16 years later that child getting involved in petty crime and things because that’s what they’ve learned.”