A FURIOUS mum has told of her anger after thieves stole her £755 bike stolen from her garden – before coming back and pinching the the tub.

Candice Pask was working overnight when the raiders went into her garden to take the orange Pinnacle hybrid bike.

And three weeks later, they returned to the home at Blain Place in Royal Wootton Bassett to take the Helsinki inflatable hot tub worth £700.

The 37-year-old said: “We always had a nice garden. We’ve hosted parties and we’ve never had an issue before.

“We’ve shared what we do in our garden for two years online and people come over that’s why I’m so confused as to why this happened.

“I'm furious. It’s now a personal thing. Someone has to have known. I don’t feel this is just a random act.”

On January 17, the thief went through to the back garden and stole the bike after breaking its lock.

The emergency practitioner told the Adver: “It’s sad and pathetic really. I go to work to help and look after the public and while I’m working hard they’ve taken it upon themselves to take it, this is how they treat me.

“It wasn’t even the most expensive thing there. My son’s bike was out there and wasn’t even locked.

“This just shows to me that someone is being sly.”

The hot tub was stolen on February 9. Candice said: “Before I went to bed I noticed the lid on my hot tub was unclipped and I asked my son if it was him who left it like that and he said it wasn’t."

“Then I got up in the morning and my gate was open and they’d been back again – the hot tub was gone.

“It’s a complete joke I’d prefer them to get in touch to say why they have an issue with me. To me the issue of them invading my privacy isn’t the problem. It’s that they feel it’s appropriate to come and take my things.”

A Wiltshire Police spokesman said both thefts had been reported.