THE appearance of a static caravan on a Loxley Walk lawn last July sparked outrage among neighbours – then the addition of a shipping container in December increased their fury.

The people of Park South complained for months about it, claiming that the additions broke planning laws and the mess surrounding the structures made the area look unsightly.

Lillie Goddard responded to complaints by calling her neighbours abusive and trying to explain her situation.

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She had lost her job last March but could not look for a new one because she was waiting for an operation. The house she lived in apparently had problems with the heating system that required ripping up the floorboards to fix.

Because of this, her house was not deemed safe for her two children to live in, so she moved into a static caravan on her front garden and added insulation to it to keep them warm.

She bought a shipping container to store her possessions and building materials. To recoup the money from these purchases and pay for house repairs, she is renting out the property to two people.
Now that she’s had the operation, she intends to start looking for work again.