With the news that the company behind Snoasis, Seven Capital, still needs to find £80m to build the leisure complex the Adver went out into Swindon to ask what the public thought of the project.

On her way to the shops was Barbara Lockwood, 63. She said: “I’ve got doubts. Is the funding available? Whether they’ll get the money is the big issue."

Gus McGarvie, 25, said: “Where are they going to find that money? It would be a good attraction, but they need to build it first.”

Alex Lewis, 23, said: “Nothing in Swindon gets built.

"I first heard about this six years ago.

“Why not, when they take Honda out, build a massive retail park there or even move the Snoasis to Honda? It’s a connectible location, they could make millions. If it does get built, it will be all right for a year then drop off like most things do.”