YOUNG dancer Ollie Loveday will pirouette across the nation after being chosen to join the Can You Dance convention.

The nine-year-old was chosen out of hundreds of applicants to take part.

Can You Dance is a show choreographed by industry professionals that visits locations across the country showcasing different dancers from all ages and backgrounds. It features masterclasses and workshops for attendees.

Ollie started dancing when he was five after his cousin was a partner short for their dance competition. He now dances at Gemma Short School of Dance & Theatre Arts in Swindon and attends The Wilkes Academy.

Mum Shona said she put him for the convention without thinking anything of it.

She told the Adver: “In October they were advertising for Can You Dance stars where you do photoshoots and attend the conventions. This year they’ve opened up a mini-age group. They asked people to send in a short clip of them dancing with all the details. I didn’t think anything of it and I sent in a freestyle video of Ollie, which is a style that is often frowned upon.”

Shona, from Shrivenham, completely forgot about the application over Christmas and only remembered when she got an email in January.

She added: “They told us he was selected out of hundreds to be one of eight in the group. He’ll be dancing on stage and alongside the older group.

“For a lot of people, they won’t realise how much of a big thing this is in the dance world. A lot of people picked probably go to these events often and we’ve only been once.They’re already asking him to prepare and learn some moves.”

Shona, a teacher at the Julie Scott Academy in Swindon, says she is pleased he’s breaking the stigma surrounding male dancers.

“He’s the only boy out of the eight to be selected,” she added. “He’s out there for the boys, to break that stigma. It’ll be a massive boost for his confidence. Representing Swindon is a big deal.

“I just hope this is a platform that will give him more opportunities.”

Ollie, who goes to Shrivenham Primary, said: “I never thought I would be chosen because the other dancers are so good but I can’t wait to dance alongside them and work with famous choreographers.

“I’m going to have to work hard in the next few months.”

The new opportunities are already coming for Ollie. He will travel to Rome to represent Team GB at the Dance World Cup in July.

The nearest Can You Dance convention to Swindon is on May 24 in Worcester.