A ROOKIE producer has spoken of his pride after learning his debut feature film will make it to the big screen.

Mark Kenna, 47, formed Bad Blood Films with David Creed, 48, five years ago and the pair have now finished production on Sacrilege. The horror flick will be screened by Cineworld and premieres in Leicester Square on March 5.

The North Swindon man told the Adver: “I feel very nervous and very excited in equal measure.

“For me this has been a dream since we started this project, to work in the independent film industry and to make a difference.

“It’s inspirational as well for the family and my kids, to see it on the big screen.

“I said to Dave we need to aim for the starts and that’s put us in good stead.”

The pair are hopeful that the movie will be brought to at least one of the two Cineworld cinemas in Swindon. The trailer for Sacrilege has been playing before horror film The Grudge.

David, who wrote and directed the film. is from Bristol.

He added: “It’s exciting. The premier will be amazing but it will be an out-of-body experience. It’s a hell of an achievement.”

“It’s very surreal, what makes it more special is the trailer is currently playing at the cinema so we;re getting friends and family phone up and say ‘wow, you’re making a proper film’. Even my mum says that.

“It hit home the most when we screen the trailer. It was just a really nice moment.”

Mark and David had to chose between going to the cinema chain or straight to an on-demand service like Netflix.

Mark added: “It’s a win-win if you go for cinema because you’ll get supported and we help get more indie British content in cinemas. Then you get more demand – it has been in cinemas and people want to see it."

Sacrilege is set for release across the country on March 6.