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We’ll miss the EU

Whether Stuart Eels (SA February 3) likes it or not, until January 31 this year all British people held European citizenship conferred on them under the terms of the Maastricht Treaty.

This citizenship conferred various rights on British people such as the ability to live and work in any other member state of the EU.

Indeed, it is worth noting that more British people took advantage of this right than any other EU nationality, something that leave supporters always try to ignore and sweep under the nearest available carpet.

Mr Eels ignorance on this issue seems to extend to other matters related to our EU membership.

Firstly, it is a matter of public record that the Leave campaign has been fined by both the Electoral Commission and the Information Commissioner’s Office for breaching the Data Protection Act.

If Mr Eels (or anyone else for that matter) wishes to know the details, a simple Google search will soon provide the information required. It is also worth noting that the part of the Leave Campaign headed up by Johnson, Gove and Cummings is currently still under criminal investigation by the Police.

Secondly, again whether Mr Eels likes it or not, 53 per cent of people who voted in December’s general election, voted for parties offering a second referendum. Indeed, if we had a decent Prime Minister rather than the narcissistic serial liar who currently holds that office, this would have been recognised and a further referendum held. So, while the public purse may have been spared the expense of another referendum now, a further referendum on the subject of our EU membership is inevitable, but sadly only after the costs of leaving the EU have been inflicted upon the public purse, and of course those costs amount to many billions of pounds, which is considerably more than the cost of holding another referendum.

Dr Adam Poole, Savill Crescent, Wroughton

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