WORRIED parents of a Goddard Park Primary School pupil say a handshake rule risks spreading illnesses.

Schoolchildren are told to shake hands with a teacher standing at the classroom door on the way into lessons.

One parent told the Adver: “We would not see this as hygienic and, with the possibility of a coronavirus outbreak and the World Health Organisation’s advice on handwashing and cleanliness, we are more against the hand shaking than usual.

They claimed: “There is no handwashing or sanitiser after the handshake and the children just go to their lessons. I have told my children not to shake hands on the way in, but they got upset and cried saying they would get into trouble if they didn’t.

“My husband emailed the head of the school and requested that, in light of the possibility of a coronavirus outbreak, the handshaking policy be stopped.

“However, we have had no reply.”

The Adver contacted the school but was told headteacher Mike Welsh was not available for comment.