Horror-movie Sacrilege, produced by Swindon’ Mark Kenna, received its premiere in Leicester Square.

The Adver went along to the event to walk the red carpet and watch the film, here’s how CONNOR MOUNTFORD got on

Despite this not being the glamour of Hollywood, the anticipation and excitement was fever-pitch.

Walking into the cinema we were greeted with a rumble of noise as guests started to gather for the premiere of this low-budget indie horror flick. As we registered our arrival our hands were stamped with the mark of Sacrilege and the image of a skull and antlers.

We moved along, shuffling over to a red carpet area where you could get your picture taken in front of the branding of the film.

To make things even more entertaining, every guest was given a paper mask to wear in selfies to post on social media.

This means there was a good 10 minutes where all of these smartly dressed people work silly masks and nobody batted an eye.

After a complimentary drink and small talk it was time to move into the Super Screen, which would play host to the film.

A short Q&A with Mark Kenna, David Creed (director) and the four lead actors gave away little about the film we were about to see.

The lights dimmed and the excitement grew as the project that had been worked on for so long by so many people in that room began to play.

Overall the film was an entertaining flick from this new Bristol-based studio.

Afterwards Mark and David shared their thanks and disbelief at what they had watched before everyone headed back out into the bar for the after-party.

Mark lives in North Swindon with his family and started Bad Blood Films with David five years ago.

Sacrilege is the first feature film for the pair.

Mark, who worked for Dolby in Royal Wootton Bassett, previously told the Adver: “For me this has been a dream since we started this project, to work in the independent film industry and to make a difference. It’s inspirational as well for the family and my kids, to see it on the big screen."