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Selfish panic buyers

I know that I wrote in before about the present Coronavirus situation helping to highlight the selfish attitude of many shoppers!

During the tough war years people seemed to stick together, help each other out apart from the black marketeers using it to feather their nests!

What is the matter with supermarket managers who can see the items being depleted and yet do nothing substantial about it. “We have plenty of stock, so there’s no need to panic” they say, and yet friends of mine have said that they have seen elderly people in tears because the shelves are bare of essentials for them! All caused by the parasites, making sure ‘I’m all right Jack’!

All, I can say for many of these panic buyers is wait until your credit card bill comes in.

Even a friend in America has said that people are actually robbing others of their essentials, even toilet rolls.

Supermarkets need to up their game and stop these blatant ‘Panic Buyers’!

There is talk of making the over 70s stay at home etc, but many of them do a job of work and we will never have the resources in place, IMVHO, to be able to help those vulnerable people by providing provisions for them.

Not when we are surrounded by the panic buying parasites who are among us.

If lots of the elderly who find it nearly impossible to get essentials, eventually suffer from lack of essential vitamins to sustain their daily life, then we know who to blame.

Chris Gleed, Proud Close, Purton

More Magic please

Am I the only one who is now desperately concerned that our council is becoming a dictatorial body, who listens to nobody, especially the people they are supposed to be serving. The road situation in our town is appalling and I’m afraid the latest idea of scrapping the Moonie’s mini roundabouts at the expense of traffic lights, would be funny if it were not true.

It is a disaster waiting to happen, the majority of Swindon are shouting, The mini roundabouts work, just like they did at Bruce Street.

The Magic works, why can they not see that..

One perfect example is junction 16, like the improvements or not, when I come from Bassett and require the Wroughton road, I can turn right. That is exactly what a series of mini roundabouts offer you, alternatives.

Reader Mr Collins is correct, our council missed a fantastic opportunity at The Greenbridge Island, what are they so afraid of?

Good news though, I caught a mention of funds for potholes in the budget, so soon our estates will no longer resemble that of a war zone.

I like many others live our roads everyday in my work.

Robert Webb, Bideford Close, Park North, Swindon

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