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Not just the elderly at risk from coronavirus

On Monday the Prime Minister told the over 70’s to quarantine themselves for three months.

Headline in the Advertiser on Tuesday - first death in Wiltshire is a man in his 50’s.

A bit incongruous methinks.

Dave Durie, Fernham Road, Swindon

Self-isolation not so easy in the real world

Ref the HMG “recommendation” that all citizens aged over 70 should self isolate and rely on unspecified relatives, neighbours, friends saints and busy-bodies, to shop and do whatever else is necessary to ensure their survival in order that they may show thanks for their deliverance from Coro, by voting Tory at the next General Election!

Thanks but I’d rather be dead!

In this particular corner of Queensfield, those available to spend hours queueing for a particular favourite brand of toilet paper for awkward old sods such as I, is so small that it is more likely to result in the death from exhaustion of the wanna-be helper, than that of the elderly person at risk!

I thought Trump was a clown but this idea is too stupid to even raise a laugh!

It is the sort of solution that might work in tight communities where everyone knows everyone else and everyone knows everyone else’s business; such communities as we see week after week in the Midsomer Murders series on TV but rarely seen now-a-days in real life - even in Highworth!

It will not work and we need to unite to tell HMG/NHS and other smug jobsworths sitting in their ivory towers “advising” us, what life in the real world is like.

Terence Flinders, Queensfield, Swindon

A question to the council leader

An open letter to Mr David Renard, Council Leader SBC: With the latest round of council tax increases upon us, might it be timely to inform us, the paying public exactly what you and your colleagues actually do on any given working day.

Do you – drive around the potholed roads and the badly conceived traffic systems, e.g. Greenbridge.

Try, as a pedestrian to negotiate the limitless cars thoughtlessly parked on pavements.

Oh, wait you were going to address this selfish problem some years ago....

Enjoy the delightful ambience of the ramshackle bus station and the as yet still unfinished waiting room refurbishment (closed on Sundays etc...)

Walk through the filthy town centre streets and try to avoid being run over by errant cyclists. Oh wait, there are street wardens to deal with them.....where do they hide ?

How I look forward to your considered response.

Rodney J M Wirdnam, Whilestone Way, Swindon

We didn’t even try

Britain never really tried to fight coronavirus.

We never closed our borders. We never checked peoples temperature at airports. We never quarantined people from infected areas.

We are in a war for survival but even now we have not actually started to fight back.

The government is to spend £300 billion on mitigating the effects of corona virus, but this is not the same as fighting and killing the virus.

To fight the virus we needed to stop the virus entering Britain. Trace all contacts and quarantine them for two weeks.

Britain is to close all its schools, but closing schools will not actually kill any germs. These germs are dangerous. We need to isolate them and kill them. We are in a war. This war is more serious than world war two, but we as yet we have not even started to fight the coronavirus.

Steve Halden, Beaufort Green, Swindon

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