A worker at a Swindon door manufacturer says employees don’t understand why the firm is still open despite a nationwide lockdown.

The Vicaima staff member told the Adver: “They tell us to be two metres apart but even if we are, we use the same equipment so there is still going to be cross-contamination.”

The employee believes the company does not need to be open because it isn’t an essential retailer.

They said: “It should close. The company has a duty of care to its employees and it doesn’t seem to be showing that.”

But Paul King, marketing director for Vicaima, said the firm was following all instructions.

“As a construction material manufacturer and supplier to the business to business (trade only, not consumer) market, we remain open in accordance with the latest instruction and advice from HM Government," he said.

“This states that construction is currently exempt from closure at this time.

"The majority of our products are fire doors, which are needed to protect buildings and ensure safety for their occupants.”

He said the firm, based off Drakes Way, was doing all it could to get hold of personal protective equipment.

“Every effort has been made to obtain any and all that is available, regardless of cost to the company.”

He explained measures had been taken including equipment and tools being wiped daily with sanitiser and professional cleaners visiting daily to disinfect everywhere.

A split workforce system had been put in place to ensure no more than 40 per cent of the 100 employees were on site at any one time.

“Our employees’ safety and their long-term job security at this difficult time is very much our number one concern,” he said.

“We have been keeping all our staff informed with regular briefings since the beginning.”

Official government guidance does not tell construction companies to shut down.

The only guidance for those companies comes when it says workers may have to travel because they can't work from home.