Stars of cult TV comedy favourite This Country have urged Great Western Hospital staff caring for coronavirus patients to keep going.

Daisy May Cooper, who plays Kerry Mucklowe in the Cotswolds-based BBC Three show, and brother Charlie, who plays her TV cousin Kurtan, recorded the video messages for NHS heroes.

The hilarious footage sees Daisy resurrect her role as Kerry, branding NHS staff absolute legends and offering to lob plums at the enemies of hardworking nurses and doctors.

In the video, she says: “Hi, this is Daisy May Cooper from This Country. Just want to say a massive thank you to everybody who’s working at Swindon hospital and, as Kerry would say, ‘you’re all a bunch of absolute legends and if there’s anyone you want plumming just ask me and I will do it for you. God bless.’”

Daisy’s brother, Charlie, adds: “Hello, it’s Kurtan Mucklowe here from BBC Three show This Country.

“Just want to send a little video message to all the NHS staff in hospital and just say what a sterling, sterling job  you’re all doing. You’re all absolutely utter heroes and I can’t thank you enough on behalf of the entire nation and Wiltshire.

“Keep going, absolutely incredible, and if you lot want to go on the lash in Swindon town after all this blows over let me know because I’ll be up for it, bring Kerry along. Vicar might pick us up after, take us to the kebab shop. Whatever.

“Enough of that. Again, utter, utter heroes. Love you all, keep going, God bless. See you later.”

A hospital spokeswoman said: “We are so grateful to Daisy and Charlie Cooper for their message of thanks for our staff. All our staff are working so hard and it is messages like this that really help to boost morale and give our staff the recognition they deserve.”