It is easy to focus on the negatives of the lockdown. That’s because they are very apparent. Being tracked by police drones for going for a walk sounds like the kind of thing you’d get in a dystopian sci-fi film. It’s also why I only leave the house if I am dressed like a postman.

I prefer to focus on the positives. Since we humans have been staying inside the air feels clearer. I didn’t notice at first because the only way I could see the air was through my windows and they haven’t been cleaned since before the pandemic. The foot-and-mouth one.

When I took my government-mandated exercise I realised the air looks cleaner. I don’t know if it smells cleaner, all I can smell is mask. Satellite images have shown that across the globe cities have less pollution above them where people have been forced to stay inside.

Planes are grounded and cars aren’t being used. I can hardly remember what it feels like to be impatiently beeped as you attempt the Magic Roundabout.

I’m not the only one preferring it with fewer people out and about. Have you seen the footage from Wales where mountain goats have come down into the town and have been running around the place?

If they plan on doing this more they may have to drop the mountain part of their name.

Isn’t it shocking that this is how long it takes Mother Nature to replace humans? If we were suddenly gone from the planet it’s only two weeks before some other species steps up.

By the time we come out of this we may find our role as the dominate species has been taken. I never thought it would be the goats who replaced us, I presumed it would be seagulls because they looked like they were ready and waiting, but I was wrong.

If we are locked down for three more months by the time we emerge there may be goat societies to deal with. They’ll run the councils. They’ll have jobs. They will have great thinkers; they already have the beards so they can sit around stroking them.

They won’t have the technology that we developed but they could create a basic subsistence living structure. They’d be good at farming because some of them will have seen how we do it.

At some point we humans will be in charge again. If we can’t overthrow them, because goats are pretty strong, we simply have to wait till the goats have a pandemic.

Goats famously eat pretty much anything, and that’s what caused our coronavirus problem in the first place.