These pictures show progress being made on the new 500-body mortuary at Great Western Hospital.

The morgue, which is being built on behalf of Wiltshire Council, will store the remains of those who die having tested positive for coronavirus.

It has been sited on part of the GWH staff car park behind the main hospital. A similarly sized facility has been built at Salisbury District Hospital.

Kevin McNamara, chief executive at GWH, said in an update for his board of directors: “In line with government guidance, the deceased will be stored at these facilities before being taken to cemeteries and crematoriums in Wiltshire and Swindon for burial or cremation.

“Deaths from natural causes or other diseases will be handled by independent funeral directors. All those who pass away will be treated with dignity and respect at all times.”

It came as Swindon saw its deadliest day of the coronavirus pandemic. A further five deaths were confirmed by Great Western Hospital yesterday.

It brings the total death toll to 19.

The true figure for Swindon may be much higher, as the NHS statistics released daily do not include people suspected of having coronavirus who die in their own homes or at care homes.