Two coronavirus fines issued by Wiltshire Police were withdrawn over concerns they were either disproportionate or unlawful.

A scrutiny report published by the force said 130 fixed penalty notices issued between April 4 and April 21 had been reviewed. As a result, two fines were rescinded. The report does not specify the reasons why each fixed penalty notice was withdrawn.

Of the fines issued in the month to April 27, around four in every five were given to men. 32 fines were given to women. People can be fined for being out of their house without a reasonable excuse.

The first fine doled out by Wiltshire Police under the Coronavirus Regulations was issued on April 4.

In total, the force has issued almost 160 fines since the lockdown began, putting it roughly in the middle of the ranking table of all police forces in England and Wales.

Speaking in a weekly YouTube video update, Chief Constable Kier Pritchard said: “I've made sure the policing style is about engagement and encouraging people to follow the rules and, if we need to, stepping into the enforcement space.”

He urged people to stay at home and abide by the lockdown rules.