A TEENAGER has set up a new Disney trail to help youngsters cope with boredom during the coronavirus pandemic.

Daisy Palmer, from Chiseldon, drew 12 Disney characters, including Mickey Mouse, Stitch, Gus in Cinderella and Piglet, and hung them on trees and gates.

The trail starts from Draycott Road, moves on to New Road, Mays Lane, High Street, Washpool, and finishes at Parsonage Farm House.

The 16-year-old said: “I chose to do the trail because I wanted to join in with the rainbow drawings and teddy bears in the window.

“However, you can’t see my window from the street, so I chose to do several drawings that children could look out for and recognise.

“I wanted to do it as I know some children must be feeling bored as they can’t see their friends and I was hoping this would cheer them up.”

The rainbow trend, which is thought to have started in Italy, has encouraged people from across the globe to put pictures in their windows.

The arty campaign aims to spread hope and offer a game for children and adults called I Spy a Rainbow while they are out taking their daily exercise.

Families and schools in Swindon have already taken part, with pictures of their creations flooding social media and filling the back pages of the Adver in recent weeks.

Daisy said she chose Disney characters as they are more recognisable to children.

Her mum Kerry Wood went out with her daughter to place the drawings.

She said: “Daisy decided to do the trail because of the negativity she was surrounded with; she was concerned for the mental health of the local children.

“As her mother, I was so proud of what Daisy did and had no idea as to what she was doing as she kept it secret. I was also very impressed with her local knowledge when we were out setting up the trail.”

She added: “She did this as a short trail that youngsters may like to do for a bit of fun and fresh air, whilst observing the current rules regarding walking out and about, keeping safe and who and how many people are walking together.

“This is not a competition and there is no prize, it’s designed just to alleviate any boredom.

“She is definitely planning the next thing but again, she is keeping it a secret but I have a feeling it will be to do with the VE celebrations on May 8 as we should, as a family, have been attending a street party with our friends in Home Close in Chiseldon.”