Flats which have more bedrooms than agreed by Swindon Borough Council may have to be pulled down.

An application by Overview Management to get retrospective agreement to bedrooms being built in the attic of the small block of four flats next to the Kingshill roundabout have been turned down.

In 2015 the Rodbourne company was given permission to build a single block of four one-bed flats on empty land next to 62 Westcott Place. The permission allowed two apartments on the ground floor and two on the first floor.

But two bedrooms have also been built in the attic space.

The company applied for retrospective permission for those extra rooms, saying: “The footprint and height of the building is the same as the granted permission.

“The main issue is a change in the rear elevation of the roof.”

The company attempted to persuade the council's planning department this was a minor issue.

It added: “The rear roof cannot be seen from the front and there are no changes on the front elevation. The only change to the side elevation is that the ridge is slightly higher than before.”

But this cut no ice with planners.

Its report said the company had not made any request to discuss adding bedroom, even after a lengthy original consent process.

It read: “The approved design of the building was the result of several revisions during the processing of that application.

“It was felt to be appropriate in that it mimicked as closely as possible the traditional terraced dwellings in the immediate vicinity and appeared in keeping with its surroundings.

"What has been built is not in accordance with the approved plans. The applicant and developer made no contact with the planning authority during the build process and would appear to have amended the design and bulk of the building in order that additional accommodation could be crammed into the building.

“What has been constructed is poor in design and is not characteristic of the area. The result is a dominant and poorly designed rear elevation and overall bulkier building that sits in a prominent location and has resulted in a detrimental impact upon the street scene.”

The permission sought by Overview Management was refused and enforcement action by the council – which could go as far as demanding the building be demolished – will follow.

The applicant’s agent Rob Keech of Keech Design Services said he didn’t know whether the company would appeal against the decision.

Overview Management’s address is listed on the application as 208 Rodbourne Road – where the ground floor is occupied by a tailor’s shop. The number for the shop on its frontage was not answered when the Adver called.