The cafe at Town Gardens has reopened – but it will be for takeaway only and has had social-distancing measures put in place.

The opening was given the go-ahead by South Swindon Parish Council after a risk assessment was conducted.

Some of the new measures include no tables and chairs being available and the cafe will be closed if any mass gatherings begin.

Neil Hopkins, chairman of the parish council’s leisure and amenities committee, said: “Following the updated government guidance, discussions have taken place between the parish council and the café owner about how it can safely reopen.

“The café owner, Carol, has done a great job at risk assessing the café’s opening and the parish council is confident can minimise risk to the public.

“While we have been in lockdown takeaways have been allowed to remain open so the café moving to a takeaway service is consistent with what is already taking place.

“And with the government now saying people can spend as much time outdoors as they like there was not any good reason why the café couldn’t reopen so long as precautions were made.”