A GROUP of primary school pupils recorded a special video for their teachers during lockdown.

More than 90 youngsters at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Pinehurst took part in a cover of the High School Musical hit We’re All In This Together.

The 10-minute compilation was made by one of the parents to say thank you for everything the teachers are doing for the pupils.

Executive headteacher Andrew Henstridge said it was heart-warming to receive the tribute.

“Watching it did bring a tear to your eye because it was just so lovely to see all the children and to know that even though we’re apart, we are still all together,” he said.

“And that’s really the whole point of this. That we are all going through uncertain times and challenging times but remembering that we are still there for each other as much as we possibly can be,” he added.

The video was created in response to a recording staff made to the Friends theme tune I’ll be There for You to encourage pupils through the lockdown.

Parents were asked to send clips of their children taking part in activities at home with a message to their teachers.

“I never expected so many children would get involved,” said the organiser. “It just goes to show what a lovely school it is with a strong community.

“I just thought it would be really nice if we could do something back.

“They may have had all these plans for their class that have all been pulled away from them. They’re perhaps trying to home school their own kids at the same time as providing work for our children and then giving individual feedback to 30 children. And of course, some teachers are still at school with key worker children, and have their own children at home.

“As a parent I thought it would be really nice if we could show them that the pupils are ok and missing them.”

The video was posted on to the school’s Facebook page as a surprise for staff.

Reception teacher Chloe Flanagan said: “I found it really emotional to watch and see everyone.

“We’re a close community at the school and to not be able see the children and their families during lockdown has made our jobs harder. So to have that was lovely to help keep us going.”

Year 4 teacher Zoe Childs added: “It made my day to see so many smiling faces from the children and I am so proud to be part of our loving school community.’

“The key message behind the video that we are all in this together was very powerful and moving.”