A DOORSTEP thief has been caught on camera twice in weeks raiding a home in Shaw.

Last month the raider stole eggs and bread from Veronica Zarola’s doorstep in Bankfoot Close.

They were destined for her 80-year-old dad, who was self-isolating.

And last week he was caught on CCTV again trying the car door on the drive.

Now Veronica says she's struggling to sleep at night.

She said: “It’s incredibly frustrating. I am waking up at night because I’m paranoid about who is around. I’m constantly looking out of the window.”

The crook dressed in black with white trainers and his face was covered when he was caught on camera on May 14, trying the door handle of Veronica's car.

He could be seen checking the doorstep to see if any deliveries had arrived before walking down the street, checking the doors of two more vehicles.

Veronica said: “It’s not fair and it’s not nice that this keeps happening.

"It’s becoming more frequent and is even happening in the daytime so this person is getting bolder.

“We’ve been tracking it ever since we got our cameras installed nine months ago, so it could have been happening for longer than that. The person just doesn’t care, it’s awful.”

Veronica has even started getting up early to make sure her Dairy Home Team delivery is not targeted.

She said: “They come really early, which is great because we’re in, but the last time they got delivered I slept through it because I was so tired.

“I've thought about cancelling it all together because of this person. It’s really infuriating because I want to support a local business, especially in this pandemic but I can’t risk them being stolen.

"Everyone just needs to keep an eye out and to be careful.”

A spokeswoman for Wiltshire Police said: “Enquiries have been carried out, including the examination of CCTV but no arrests have been made.”

The police have asked for people to be vigilant and to call 101 if they see anything or have any information.