Jacqui Robbins has been isolating herself from everyone, including her close family, for two months now.

She and councillor husband Jim have been writing a weekly diary for the Adver to let us know how they’re getting on...

Jacqui's diary

Although I am still meant to be shielding I find it really important to go out once a day to get some fresh air.

I think if I could not do this then I would go stir crazy and this would be detrimental to me and my family.

I only go out for half an hour a day and try to keep as safe as possible, washing my hands before I go out and upon my return.

I love having the half an hour to myself to get away from everyone and everything and only being responsible for myself. I put on my headphones and either listen to an audiobook or music.

As part of my exercise I have taken up the Couch to 5k programme.

This programme gradually builds up your running from not being able to run at all, to being able to run for half an hour non-stop in 12 weeks.

I completed this last year and it really does work. I absolutely hate running and while I am doing the run constantly want to stop, but the good feeling I get after I have completed the run is well worth the effort.

I honestly feel amazing after the run and this is what I focus on.

I also tried an online Pilates class this week and I like it more than going to an actual class.

I feel less self-conscious about not being as stretchy as everyone else and don’t feel that everyone is looking at me and thinking how rubbish I am. I am very sure they would not be thinking that anyway, it's just my own paranoia.

Georgia’s home-schooling has taken a bit of a dip this week.

The weather has been gorgeous and my husband has now finished painting the decking in the garden so we can all get out there and enjoy it.

I have been lying on my sunbed in the sun and reading my book. If I close my eyes I can actually believe that I am on holiday somewhere lovely – that is, until the train rumbles by.

Jim's diary

Georgia and I were able to have a little taste of normality this week as golf clubs have been able to reopen.

Georgia has been a keen golfer since she was a toddler and has been having lessons since she was three with Swindon Premier Golf Academy, based at Broome Manor.

The course has reopened, with some coronavirus precautions and new rules in place, and it was lovely to get some fresh air and hit some balls. Some even went in the right direction!

I also had my first assignment as a volunteer for the council this week, picking up some prescriptions from the chemist and dropping them off to people who have been classed as extremely vulnerable.

It is just a small thing, but it felt good to be doing something useful.

I’m looking forward to taking part in the annual mayor-making ceremony later today, and it will be fun to take part in the first virtual full council meeting.

I missed last year’s mayor-making ceremony as I was in London at the Royal Brompton Hospital with Jackie, so I’m keen to be able to get to this one, albeit just virtually.

I really feel for the mayor, Kevin Parry, and his wife that their year in office has been curtailed by the coronavirus.

I know they had lots of plans for further events that they haven’t been able to hold. It’ll also be a strange year for the incoming mayor, Garry Perkins.

He starts the municipal year with a huge amount of uncertainty about when he will be able to hold events and do the traditional mayoral visits to local groups, events and charities.

I’m also looking forward to seeing how the ceremony will work as virtual event. Normally, a large part of the ceremony of the event is to have the outgoing and incoming mayors leave the room to swap over the mayoral chains.

I’m intrigued to see how this will be replicated via a Microsoft Teams video call.

Finally, a big thanks to everyone who has participated in the online councillor surgeries we have been running.

They have been fun to hold and a good way of keeping in touch with people during the lockdown and I hope that we have been able to answer people’s questions.