FAMILY life in lockdown is being recorded for posterity by photographer Steph Walton in a series of doorstep portraits.

Nurses, businesses owners and others have all been captured in the lens and it's all to raise money for the Great Western Hospital’s charity Brighter Futures.

She explained: She said: “Since lockdown I haven’t be able to take pictures at weddings and other events and I just missed it.

“I wanted to do something creative so I looked into what other photographers had been doing and that’s how I came up with the idea.

Steph, 32, of Marlowe Avenue, explained: “It’s a rubbish time and in some way or another everyone has lost something because of this situation.

“I just wanted to be very real about the situation and make people feel normal again.

“It’s important to try to take good things from it and I think when you get to have a photoshoot with your family and making an effort to look your best it can help them to feel normal for a little while.”

So far her shoots have raised a total of £430 for Brighter Futures.

“I wanted to help a local charity and my original target was £200 but it has gone way past that now," she said.

“I do think it’s important to support the NHS. Many doctors and nurses have died just for doing their job. It’s humbling what they’re doing at the moment, it’s so scary what they have to go through.

“But I do think it’s a sad situation that people are having to raise money to help because it should be properly funded and not just for the Covid-19 crisis. It just makes me feel better to raise a bit of money for them to say thank you in a way.”

Her passion for photography started a decade ago when she started blogging and realised she enjoyed taking photos of people.

This led her to start freelancing three years ago.

She said: “Weddings in particular I just love because I enjoy being involved in the day, it’s so lovely.”