FOOD parcels haven’t just been given to people across Swindon during lockdown – pets have also benefited.

Animal lover Katie Lewis noticed after lockdown was announced more furry friends were being given away online and wanted to do something to help.

“It’s a heartbreaking decision having to say goodbye and give up your pets because they’re a part of your family," said Katie, of Tinkers Field in Royal Wootton Bassett.

“I saw posts on Facebook and on rehoming websites and it really saddened me to think people are being put in a horrendous situation because of the pandemic.”

The 22-year-old decided to create pet food parcels to give out to struggling owners.

These will be filled with biscuits, tins of food, treats and anything else the pets need.

And since launching the scheme on March 25, she has helped more than 20 people who have animals at home.

She said: “I had done some research and realised there were no groups out there doing this in Swindon. That’s when I thought I might as well create one myself and it has taken off.

“People who need help get in touch with me on Facebook, I put the parcels together and drop them off at their door.

“Many people in the community have been really helpful and donated the items that are needed and we do a fundraisers to help along the way.”

To raise the money Katie has sold unwanted items such as teddies at the front of her garden. She has also organised raffle.

She wanted to help because she couldn’t bear the thought of losing her animals.

Her home is full of pets including English springer spaniel Sky, mixed-breed Buddy, cat Charlie and rabbit BFG.

Katie said: “Everyone is just so grateful for the help, it’s incredible. It makes me so happy because I would hate to have to give up my animals.

“It’s just nice to know that both the animals and pet owners get to eat and not lose each other.”

To donate visit All Creatures Small and Tall-RWB Pet Foodbank on Facebook.