Cummings broke rules

If Mr Dominic Cummings, wasn't sure whether it was safe to drive , because he wasn't sure about his eyesight he wouldn't have put his wife or child at risk by driving 60 odd miles.

That in itself was breaking the law by driving when thinking it possibly unsafe.

I thought he didn't want to put his family at high risk.

He also drove to another area when everyone was told not to. The reason being that it could put pressure on the NHS out of area

He could have broken down, had an accident or one of them may have needed a toilet on over a 200 mile journey.

It was potentially putting others at risk.

If his wife and maybe himself were going down with symptoms, they were to remain at home and certainly not potentially expose so many others all across the country.

He shouldn't have been taking his son to grandparents in another household and put them at in danger either.

We were all instructed not to do that. The instructions were clear.

He probably made them.

Stay at home

Save the NHS

Save lives

He broke all three of those rules

What a person to have so much power.

Boris is obviously too scared to sack him as he is dependent on him.

What a mess

Jane Baldwin



What about the others?

Adver reader Howard March is quite right to criticise unelected, unaccountable leaders for flouting the law.

I guess he means Dominic Cummings who is an employee of the State and not an unelected, or unaccountable leader.

I would have been even more approving of Mr March’s letter if he had been as coruscating of those elected, but seemingly also ‘unaccountable’ legislators who voted for the legislation – Robert Jenrick MP, Stephen Kinnock MP who drove from Wales to London to give his father a birthday cake, Tahir Ali MP attended a funeral which itself broke all guidelines for numbers allowed to attend, and Kevan Jones MP who thought it appropriate to attend a birthday party.

Des Morgan

Caraway Drive

A Good Samaritan

Today, 26th May, we went to Asda at West Swindon to do our fortnightly shop.

Unfortunately when we came out the battery on our car was flat, due to it not having much use over the last 8/9 weeks.

A lady came to our assistance with some jump leads and I would like to say thank you very much for the help she gave us.

She came from Wootton Bassett and said her parents lived at Hook, but I did not get her name and address, so would like to thank her with the help of your paper.

We are both in our eighties, so it was much appreciated.

Mary and Barry Jones

By email