In order to make schools as safe as possible for children to return, deep cleans have been taking place across the town.

At Oakhurst Primary School, a fogging technique has been used in order to reach every space available.

The technique sprays a disinfectant over all surfaces to make it safe and clear of bacteria, including Covid-19.

Craig Duff, owner of cleaning company Nanogreen, said: "Our machine puts a fine mist into the area and it basically covers everything.

"As soon as it lands on a new surface it just nukes anything that's on there including Covid-19. This should boost staff confidence."

Mark Draycott, a PE teacher at Oakhurst, said: "Parents and teachers are tense and nervous about going back and this is just another step to take to make it the safest environment possible and try to make it covid clear.

"We're using a company called Nanogreen and it is going into as many schools as possible. It uses a fogging mechanism which aims to clean all the classrooms far better than normal sanitising."