Swindon's children and parents were pleased with how the return to school went yesterday.

Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 classes were welcomed back in the majority of Swindon's schools and were met with a variety of social distancing precautions. 

During pick-up at Gorse Hill School parents had to enter via one gate and exit with their children through another. 

One parent, Marika Kiers, was picking up her son. She said: "I couldn’t wait for him to go back, he was very bored at home.

"He was very grumpy and couldn’t wait either."

And the thoughts were echoed by Ralphs Kiers, in Year 1, who added: “It was good, I enjoyed going back to school.

“It was very different because there weren’t very many people in the classroom. I’m looking forward to going back tomorrow.”

Picking his daughter up from her first day back in Year 6 was Craig Walton who believes it was necessary for Year 6 to return, but maybe not the other groups. 

He said: "I think kids need to get back to school, definitely Year 6 because they’re going to secondary school from September.

"In regards to Year 1 coming back I don’t think it’s really necessary, you could keep them and the rest of the years at home but definitely Year 6 should come back.

"I didn’t have any concerns with my daughter, Year 6 is older so they know what’s to be expected. They’ve got to keep their distance

"But with the younger kids, they wouldn’t be able to stick to the rules."

Craig added that having the children home had been a fun experience. 

He explained: "They’ve liked being at home and we’ve been doing the homework with them each day which is good and keeps them busy.

"But because my daughter had been off for so long she was a bit nervous coming back, even though she loves school and likes going, she was a bit nervous this morning

"It was new, to a certain degree."