A SOCIAL enterprise is inviting everyone to put their lockdown exercise to good use and take part in a sponsored 100-mile bike ride.

Throughout June, Recycles bike shop, which supports Booth House resettlement centre and helps homeless people develop skills and experience to get back into employment, is hosting its first virtual bike ride.

Social enterprise programmer coordinator Chloe Kirwan said: “The idea is that people, perhaps with their families and friends, observing social distancing, to go out and cycle 100 miles or even at home on an exercise bike.

“We’re not expecting people to go out and do a 100-mile bike ride in one day. They can break it down into five different rides or whatever is comfortable for them.

“We thought it would be a nice thing to do because the popularity of cycling has increased so much during lockdown,” she said.

After signing up, participants send through proof of their journeys with their fundraising and will receive a medal and certificate.

Members of the Recycles team were due to complete the RideLondon event in August, which has been cancelled due to coronavirus.

“We were aiming to raise about £10,000 to support our redesign,” said Chloe. “So that’s had a massive effect.”

The shop is hoping to expand so that more residents and volunteers can learn the skills it teaches.

Booth House accommodates 45 homeless people for up to two years and has five emergency beds.

“When people move into the resettlement rooms they get 24-hour support from us and we help them with budgeting, money management, different kinds of support, to help them regain independent living,” said Chloe.

The charity estimates that £45 of fundraising pays for one hour of support work for five homeless people.

“Now more than ever we really need people to support us,” added Chloe.

“So many charity events have been cancelled and that really does have a knock-on effect."

Chloe added: “It’s important that people don’t forget about our homeless. There will always be more support needed and always more we need to do. So it’s important we’re there for anyone who needs it.”

To sign up visit entrycentral.com/recycles2020.