Crowds flocked to the town centre over the weekend to enjoy the newly-reopened non-essential shops.

This capped off a busier than expected first week back for most stores after the government eased lockdown restrictions allowing them to open. Ross Mulholland co-owner of gift shop Something Different in the Brunel Shopping Centre said: “The first week back was much busier than expected, everyone was really excited to be out and about on Monday.

“We’ve recovered, almost to pre-Covid levels of sales, though things are still quite uncertain.” Pictures taken over the weekend showed town looking busier than normal and as if it was before Covid-19 hit the UK. But some readers don’t see the appeal of going to the high street considering the amount of closures it has seen over recent years, most recently including Debenhams.

Here’s what you said on Facebook:

Thomas Craigie: “Yes went there today for a couple of urgent items but there’s naff all there. I could spend longer vacuuming my house.”

Davide Petraccini: “Not going if I have to queue to go anywhere. My time is more precious than a bit of non-essential shopping.”

Jac Dawson: “Town didn’t interest me before and most certainly not now.

“I will only go in if I really really have to but not yet.”

Lin Wilson: “I only go in if I have to. Popped in Monday just after 4pm and it was if coronavirus hadn’t hit.

“A lot of people about, quite a few queues, only difference to days of normal shopping was more people wearing face masks.”

Jill Cuss: “I very rarely went before, won’t be going now unless I have to go for a bank. Even then would rather go to Cirencester.”

Toni Brack: “I go to town every Saturday to get a few bits, there was a lot more people in town.”

Kath Dunswan: “Had to walk through from Commercial Road to get to the bus station.

“Apart from a few people wearing masks it seemed like any other normal Saturday pre Covid-19.”

Cherie Rose Van Houten: “Queuing for food is one thing but I won’t be doing it for clothes, even though I badly need underwear and shoes but I will wait.”

Trudi Williams: “I've been shopping and have experienced short queues. It’s quite enjoyable shopping.”

Heather Edginton: “I only go if I’ve got to go to Specsavers otherwise no.”

Maria Phillips: “There are not enough shops that I would like to make it worthwhile.”

Melissa Beaumont: “I will be going next week to meet my mum who I haven’t seen since this began. Life has to continue somehow.

“It will be River Island, New Look, H&M and JD Sports. It will also be so nice to have some sort of normal back.

“I know town is a dive and going down hill drastically but just to be able go into town and do something will nice.”

Tracey O’Neil: “I would only go in if I have to and I don’t at the moment.”

Carl Arrowsmith: “I am pretty sure there’s still a pandemic.”

Andrew Little: “I won’t be for the foreseeable, nothing to go in for.”

Christine Hedges: “I’m still on lockdown.”

Debbie Overden: “Is lockdown over?”

Yvonne Butler: “It’s too early.”

Becca Ferguson: “I think people need a gentle reminder that just because others go, no one is forcing them to.

“We all just need to calm down and stop putting catty comments about strangers’ actions.

“And no-one cares if you haven’t had a McDonald’s.”

Amy Jean: “I went earlier and it was heaving. The queues where unbearable.”

Kerrie Buttery: “I had to go in yesterday with my parents to get a few bits but didn’t go in till 4ish.

“Just be careful as not everyone was social distancing.”