Today marks the 100th day of lockdown since it first began in the UK.

Despite a number of measures being eased over the past few weeks, social distancing is still in place and some parts of the UK economy remain closed. 

Swindon has seen a number of dramatic changes from a deserted town centre to massive queues outside a Starbucks drive-thru. 

Here's the timeline of lockdown in Swindon: 


March 6 - First coronavirus case is confirmed in Swindon. READ MORE

March 20 - First coronavirus death is confirmed in Swindon. READ MORE

March 24 – UK Lockdown begins. Town Centre is empty, only essential shops remain open causing big queues, most people work from home. READ MORE

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April 3 - Google data shows the impact of lockdown in Swindon including a huge drop in travel to work. READ MORE

April 5 - Confirmed coronavirus cases in Swindon reaches 50. READ MORE

April 23 - Debenhams in Swindon announces it will not reopen after lockdown. READ MORE

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May 9 - VE Day is celebrated across Swindon with socially distant street parties. READ MORE

May 18 – Anti-lockdown protests fail to materialise at Swindon’s parks. READ MORE

May 24 – Huge queues after Starbucks drive-thru reopens. READ MORE

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June 1 – Primary schools reopen to pupils and people are allowed to meet up in groups of six. READ MORE

June 16 – Year 10 and 12 students head back to school as non-essential shops reopened with the queue for Primark extending around the block. READ MORE

June 26 – Swindon and Wiltshire’s courts face a 3,000-case backlog due to lockdown. READ MORE

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