A MUM has spoken of her horror after finding mould in apple juice from Aldi just before she gave it to her toddler to drink.

Lisa Savory bought the carton from the Drove Road store two weeks ago and made the grim discovery while pouring it for 18-month-old daughter Ocean.

It was not due to expire until February 2021.

Lisa, from Old Town, said: “It was vile, absolutely disgusting and vile.

“I put it in my baby’s bottle for her to have so it was lucky I put it in a clear one so I could actually see it.

“It was disgusting, there was mould and other floaty bits too.

“I’ve sent the pictures to the store and customer services and they said I could get a refund but I don’t think that’s good enough – my child was going to have that.

“It’s put me off getting juice from there again.

"I do like going to Aldi, but it has really put me off going there.

“I’m trying to make ends meet so I shop at Aldi but I might have to upgrade a little bit and go somewhere else."

The mother of two said she was concerned that other customers could face similar problems and urged the supermarket to remove the product.

She explained: “I’m just a bit annoyed, it’s not good enough.

“They need to check their products. Something needs to be done about it because I don’t want it happening again, to me or anyone else.

“They’re still selling it, I don’t know why they’ve still got it on the shelves.”

A spokesperson from Aldi responded saying: “Although very rare, incidents like this can occasionally occur if packaging is damaged at any point before the product is consumed, as the contents may be exposed to air.

“We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused Ms Savory and we are happy to provide a full refund.”