ONE worker at the Swindon Mini plant tested positive for coronavirus.

The news comes as the car manufacturer's Oxford plant reported nine cases in one week.

The Swindon employee was not in work before receiving a positive result for Covid-19 and has not yet returned to the plant.

A spokeswoman said: "We are monitoring the situation closely.

"As with all our UK sites, before re-starting production we made a wide range of practical modifications and enhanced personal hygiene and cleaning routines, as well as giving clear instructions to everybody on site, in order to minimise the risk of transmission in the workplace as far as possible.

"These measures, which are fully in line with government health and safety guidance, are monitored on a daily basis in the best interests of our employees.

"As a company we have very clear advice: anyone with symptoms of the virus - or who should be self-isolating - should not be at work.

"Anyone who does present with symptoms should stay at home and get tested for Covid-19."