Discipline appears to be in short supply

In a few days time Old Perishers like me will be officially allowed out of solitary confinement, although a certain

Professor Calum Sempel would like us to wear a lapel on our clothes to tell people what we are, perhaps we should have a number stamped on our forearms like those poor wretches in Concentration Camps!

I can guarantee that we will show self-discipline not like the hoards who paraded through town centres and settled on beaches in recent weeks.

Many of us lived through the war years and with father serving in the forces, discipline was a must, gas masks carried all the time, obey a policeman the cane from the teacher at school and a smack from mum when you got home for being naughty.

For the males if your discipline relaxed after leaving school, it was soon restored when doing National Service, I know that a certain person who regularly writes in this column thinks it a waste of time, but he never served!

Finally, if we were lucky enough to have a day out at Coate Water, or a day at Weston-Super-Mare we were sure to bring our waste home with us, not like today when people just leave everything where it is, someone can clear it up!

You see it is DISCIPLINE, a word that certain individuals do not know or care.

John Oliver

Brooklands Avenue


Arrests are a triumph of EU co-operation

I was really thrilled yesterday with the news that cooperating with the police forces across the EU, British police arrested 750 gangsters, drug lords, recovered Tons of illegal drugs, millions of pounds In money, guns and ammunition.

I am sure we are all pleased, even those blooming fools and xenophobes who have put this cooperation at risk by persuading us to leave the EU.

Let us now campaign to apply to rejoin the EU.

Steve Thompson

Norman Road

Walking group women find a way round Covid

My wife belongs to a Friday walking group formed well before austerity, run by the council and headed by a paid (by the council) leader. During austerity the leader lost her job. The group continued to organise their walks themselves in and around Old Town until the coronavirus turned up.

Now they meet on their mobiles all starting their walks from their individual homes at the same time keeping in touch on the airways.

You can’t keep a bunch of determined women down.

Mr L Carter

Dart Avenue

A smile and a wave makes their day

Just to say thank you all so much.

We have the Advertiser delivered daily by a lovely paperboy who gives us a lovely smile and a wave.

The extra puzzle page is great, thank you.

James and Ruth Cox

Hayward Close